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RTT® Testimonials

I don’t want to toot my own horn, so I’ll let my past clients share how Rapid Transformational Therapy® has helped them take control of their life and achieve groundbreaking results!

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“It was a true pleasure to work with her.”

– Anastasia T.


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Healing the inner child, freeing the woman!

“I was blessed to have a powerful session with Aviva on anxiety. Aviva easily navigated the session and found the cause of the anxiety which was deeply rooted in my childhood. The anxiety has held me back for so long and I could never understand why I had so many thoughts and feelings inside me all at once. With Aviva’s help and great expertise, I am now Free and able to be myself once again. Aviva provided a safe space and a safe place in my mind which allows me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.

I highly recommend Aviva to anyone who is ready to transform their life. RTT is the most effective approach to resolve anything holding you back and Aviva is the right person to go to! Don’t hesitate and give it a try; it will change you and your life forever.

Thank you, Aviva, for your help and generosity in our session! I am truly grateful for everything you’ve done for me!

Alina P.


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A lifetime burden - lifted!

“Since our session I can feel that a whole burden has been lifted and it feels great! I reached out to arrange a session with Aviva to address a fear of heights that I felt had been ‘holding me back’. I can honestly say, since our session this has completely shifted. The great thing I find about RTT® is that it hits the root cause and Aviva did exactly that! I would like to say a huge thank you to Aviva for her expertise, for making me feel so calm and assured and for helping me overcome something I had held onto for 20+ years!”

Matt R.


A Labor Of Love

“Honestly it is such a life-changing experience to work with [Aviva]. She is a very good listener and takes time to listen to what I’m saying. You can feel the care and the love during the session and she really wants to help me. I feel so calm with the session; I feel I’m heard. And she’s very patient. I felt like she was speaking to me and encouraging me and really just pushing me to move forward to be the better me. So I felt heard, I felt better with my issue. Thank you, Aviva, for looking after me and for the great session.”

– Gemma K.


A way of ease and flow

“I would like to thank you for helping me with my issue. RTT® is indeed rapid, and you were able to get to the heart of my issue quickly. You have such a relaxing and charming way about you which made it easy for me to let go and relax into the session. The words that you used had such a powerful and transformative effect in them and to hear that in my recording every day has really helped to sink the message I needed down deeper. I was thinking that I had to deal with the issue in a particular way and a week or so after the session I realized that there is an easier, softer way—a way of ease and flow.

Thanks for showing me what to do to take care of the little issues myself. And, if another big issue arises, I will certainly come to you.”

– R.W.


Event Speaking Testimonials

I can speak powerfully on any subject matter related to human behavior. Don’t believe me? Just see what Jodi had to say about me as a guest speaker at her last virtual summit.

“She is every event planner’s dream come true!”

“I had the pleasure of having Aviva as a guest speaker during my virtual summit. What an incredible woman! She made my job as an event planner so easy. Aviva exceeded all the expectations for her speaking commitment – from sending me her Bio and headshot in a timely manner to showing up as a team player and a leader at all our prep-meetings. The day of the event, she knew exactly how the technology worked, had a powerful talk prepared, and received excellent feedback from those that attended and those that watched the replay. Aviva played full out and left the audience hanging on to every word! She was authentic, real, transparent, raw, and impressively inspiring. Aviva spread hope, courage, and strength through her vulnerability. And a fan favorite component of her talk was the concrete tools and tactics that she weaved in throughout her time on stage. Such a beautiful blend of storytelling and teachable moments! The audience walked away with quick wins right then and there!

Every step of the way Aviva was focused on the needs and desires of the audience. She frequently asked me, “What does your audience want? What do they need? How else can I make you look good? How else can I make you and your event shine?” Aviva understood that when my event is a hit, I am a hit. Which event organizer would not be thrilled with that?! Aviva put the audience first and gave them what they were looking for. She truly is all about impacting lives and that’s exactly what she did! She touched everyone’s hearts and transformed lives with her words and her song! What else could an event organizer ask for?

Aviva was also very helpful in working with a small group of our vendors to help make this first virtual event amazing. It was our first time tackling something like this and she went above and beyond the call of duty. She gave great insights to other speakers, helped problem solve and was willing to step in if needed for back-end support. She is every event planner’s dream come true!

I would have Aviva speak at any of my events, virtual or in-person, and I know that she will be prepared and ready and she will show up powerfully. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!”

– Jodi Harty CHC, CLC

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